Fabulous Timelapse Sequence Shows How Amazing Nature Is

Too often we spend our days rushing from place to place while trying to earn a living and get the most out of life.

Unfortunately this causes us to miss some of the amazing sights that nature has to offer anyone with the time who to sit and stare. You don’t always have to go somewhere exotic to see remarkable things. If you just have the patience to sit and watch as time passes by nature will provide a glorious display.

Fortunately time-lapse video recording can show us some of the remarkable things we miss as we hurry through life. Watch the video below and enjoy seeing nature doing the things we often fail to notice. It is truly fascinating.

EXISTENCE A TIMELAPSE PROJECT from Michael Shainblum on Vimeo.

Piglet In A Wheelchair

Young Piglet

Cute Piglet

When the owner of a piglet saw that it had no hind legs he decided to help it get around by making it a wheelchair.

The wheelchair is more like a chariot attached to its body and it supports the weight of the back half of the piglet on a pair of wheels. You have to admire the owner for his dedication and its great to see how much he cares about the piglet.

Watch the video below…

These Customer Comments Are Sooo Funny

You know your civilization is going down the pan when manufacturers are so desperate to come up with ideas for new stuff for us to buy that they have the idea that slicing bananas is difficult!

This item is a banana slicer. It is ideal for those people who find a banana rather challenging to slice. Somehow I think a three year old with a wooden spoon could slice a banana, but then what do I know.

Click this link Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer
and read some of the reviews written by customers at Amazon.com. They are hilarious. I don’t think I saw one review where people could take this thing seriously. I guess the only good thing is that its cheap.. Take a look and have a giggle at some of the reviews.


Compilation Of People Failing To Do What They Intended

There are thousands of videos of people falling over, running into things and planting their face on the ground when they thought they would look clever doing something or other. These videos, known as fail videos, can be well put together or done badly.

I found this video and it is a classic compilation of people failing at what they intended to do. Some of them will make you feel the pain but most will just make you laugh out loud.

Watch and enjoy.

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